Asian Auto Repair Sonoma | Mike Larbre Automotive

Some of the most popular cars on the road today were designed by the Asian market, which means finding Asian auto repair Sonoma drivers can trust is important. Not only for a proper repair job, but for the knowledge and reliability that comes with technicians who are intimately familiar with certain makes and models. Even for something as basic as an oil change, you want to deal with an auto repair shop that understands the ins and outs of your particular car.

Whether you drive a Toyota, Kia, Nissan, or one of the other Asian models, our ASE Certified technicians are well-versed in its care and maintenance. There are a lot of garages that offer repairs, but not necessarily Asian auto repair. Sonoma drivers need their cars, and we respect our customers’ time enough to get them in and out as quickly as possible without sacrificing quality auto repair service. We work hard to ensure our prices are always fair, whether it’s for a major repair or a simple oil change. Professionalism and integrity are some of closest-held values, which is why we work so hard to be the best at Asian auto repair, along with European and Domestic. We want to be your Sonoma repair choice, and we work hard to make it happen.

You can always schedule an appointment with us online or call the shop. No matter what sort of work you need done, we hope you’ll make us your new Asian auto repair facility in Sonoma.